We are asking you to stand up and be counted for your club by registering your support for them and helping to put them on the map!

What We Do?

We want to create an online community that celebrates the rich history of English football and its hundreds of clubs. We don’t discriminate on these pages so no matter whether your club is big or small, Premier League or Non-League, trophy-laden or trophyless, we want you to participate and enjoy out content?

How Does it Work?

We’re in the process of developing lots of tailored content about individual clubs. Our ambition is to grow this content so it provides a great resource for fans who want to find out more about the history of English football and its clubs and how to engage with clubs and other supporters.

We want to interact with you, the supporters of those English football clubs. We’ll point you in the direction of the very best football fanzines but we’re not one ourselves. We’re more of a football community connecting football fans to other football fans, and a wealth of information about their favourite clubs.

What Should You Do Next?

Scroll down and click through to you club’s page. You can leave us a comment or suggest an edit to our content. Provide your details and we will send you news of new developments as we grow our site and content. We’ll be adding a feature so you can provide details of your home country or county so we can start building a profile of the support base for each football club...