Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest football clubs in England. In fact, it’s the third oldest professional association football club in the country. It was officially formed in 1867 and was known as ‘Wednesday Football Club’ until it started going by its current name in 1927. The reason the club is so-called is because it was an extension of Wednesday Cricket Club, which in turn was so-called because the founding members of the club would have Wednesdays off from work. Sheffield Wednesday joined the Football League in 1892 three years after it had been formed. The club was also one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992. It’s won the FA Cup three times and the First Division a total of four times.

Sheffield Wednesday Fixtures

Sheffield Wednesday is currently taking part in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship. Of the 24 teams in the tournament, it’s ranked eighth, having won seven out of sixteen matches. The club’s main rival is Sheffield United, however the two teams aren’t competing in the same league right now, so they won’t be facing each other for a while. However, there are still plenty of matches supporters will no doubt want to watch, especially since the club stands a chance of ranking higher and qualifying for the Championship play-offs. There are several clubs ranking higher than Sheffield Wednesday that it will no doubt want to beat. Matches to look forward to include the one against Nottingham Forest on 14 December, the one against Bristol City on 22 December and the match against Fulham on 25 April of next year.

Sheffield Wednesday Stadium

The home ground for Sheffield Wednesday is Hillsborough Stadium, located in the Sheffield suburb of Owlerton. This is where the club gets its nickname ‘The Owls’ from. It opened back in 1899 and has been the home ground for the club since its opening. Back in 1989, the stadium was the scene of a tragedy known as the Hillsborough disaster. This was the single worst disaster in the history of football: owing to overcrowding and the design and layout of the stadium grounds, a total of 96 fans of Liverpool died following an unprecedented stampede. This resulted in the stadium, as well as others throughout the country, undergoing a number of stringent safety enhancements. The stadium today meets all the relevant safety requirements though its maximum capacity of 39,732 has been temporarily reduced to 34,854 for safety reasons.

Sheffield Wednesday Stadium

Sheffield Wednesday Twitter

The club is active on a number of different social media networks. The club’s official Twitter account is @swfc – if you decided to follow this page, you’ll be one of the club’s 297,000 followers. Since joining in May 2007, the club has sent out over 51,000 tweets and about a fifth of these contain photos or videos. When talking about the club on Twitter, or any other social media network, you’re encouraged to use the hashtag #swfc. There’s also the club’s official Facebook page, which has slightly more followers at 373,000 likes, and the Instagram page, which has 67,000 followers. If you want to keep up with everything that’s going on with the club, you should follow at least one of these accounts. All of the accounts send out new posts regularly, so you’re never out of the loop.

Sheffield Wednesday Forum

As well as following the club’s social media accounts, you might want to sign up to an unofficial forum. The benefit of forums is that you can talk about pretty much anything to do with the club with fellow supporters; you can also chat about other football clubs and anything else to do with the sport, or just about anything not to do with football. If you’ve decided to join a forum, OwlsTalk is one of the most popular; there’s also OwlsOnline and the Owls-Mad forum at Footy Mad. Not only can you chat about various things, you can also meet other supporters of the club and interact with them.

Sheffield Wednesday Tickets

If you’re a supporter of the club and want to watch some matches, purchasing a season ticket is the way to go. You can do this through the club’s official website. As usual, the price of your season ticket depends on what age category you fall into and where in the stadium you’re siting. The full pricing options aren’t currently listed on the website as of the time of writing. However, it is stated that the cheapest adult season tickets start at a cost of £23.04 per match. Not only can you purchase season tickets online, there’s also the option to purchase them at the stadium’s ticket office or by calling 03700 201867.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. is a professional football team based in the city of Blackburn. It’s one of many teams to compete in the English Football League Championship, which is the second highest ranking of English league football. In fact, Blackburn Rovers F.C. was one of the twelve founding clubs that helped set up the English football league system; it also helped established the Premier League in 1992. The club’s been around since 1875 and is one of the longest-running English professional football clubs. Nowadays, it has several nicknames, including ‘Rovers’, ‘The Blue and Whites’ (because of its blue and white kit) and ‘The Riversiders’ (because of the riverside location of its home stadium). Three times in its history, the club has won the top tournament: it won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season and won the league’s predecessor, the First Division, back in the 1911-12 and 1913-14 seasons. It’s also won the FA Cup six times.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Fixtures

Right now, Blackburn Rovers F.C. is taking part in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship. The club currently ranks 18th out of 24 clubs with, coincidentally, a total of 18 points earned so far. Of the 16 matches the club’s played, it’s won just five, lost eight and had three ties. None of the club’s rivals, including Manchester City and Manchester United, are taking part in the tournament. There are, however, some matches that are still worth looking out for. These include the next match against Reading – both teams have the same number of points – which is scheduled for 25 April, and the matches against West Bromwich Albion and Preston North End. These two teams are currently ranked in the top two and face promotion to the Premier League if they can hold onto their positions.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Stadium

Blackburn Residence Stadium Logo

Ewood Park is the official home ground for Blackburn Rovers F.C. It’s been the club’s home ground since 1890, eight years after it opened. Before playing here, Blackburn Rovers F.C. played at Leamington Road, which closed down in 1890 and was then redeveloped into a housing estate. The stadium was designed to be an all-seater venue capable of hosting not only football, but also other sports; in fact, it’s played host to a number of major rugby matches. Throughout the stadium’s history, it’s undergone a few expansions and now has a maximum seating capacity of 31,367. The most recent one was completed in 1995 and was intended to make the stadium one of the most advanced and modern in the whole country.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Twitter

Of course, Blackburn Rovers F.C. is active on social media just like any other major football club. If you want to keep up with all the club’s latest Tweets, follow the club’s official Twitter account @Rovers. This page has 231,000 followers and has been active since 2009. There’s also the official Facebook page, which has slightly more followers at 277,000 likes. If it’s photo and video content you’re after, the club’s Instagram page, rovers, is worth following. You’re encouraged to use the hashtag #Rovers when making posts featuring images to do with the club. Follow any one of the club’s official social media accounts if you don’t want to miss out on all the latest news and goings-on.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Forum

For many players, simply keeping up with the latest club updates isn’t enough; they want to talk about the club as well. Online forums are the place to be if you want to discuss all the latest goings-on, news and updates with fellow supporters of Blackburn Rovers F.C. One of the biggest and most popular ones to check out is BRFCS, which was set up in 1996 and is specially developed by the fans, for the fans. Other forums you may want to consider include Rovers Fans and Rovers Talk. These forums are a great place not only to talk about the club as much as you like, but also meet fellow supporters.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Tickets

If you fancy supporting Blackburn Rovers F.C. and attending lots of matches, you should consider purchasing a season ticket. Head on over to the club’s official website and you’ll be able to get your season ticket purchased. The price is determined by which seating section you pick and which age category you belong to. There are six different sections to the stadium, as well as five age categories: under-12, under-18, 18-25, adult and senior. Prices for an adult season ticket range from £319 to £449. For those wishing to spread out the cost of their purchase, there are eight- and ten-month direct debit plans available.

Cardiff City is a long-running Welsh professional football club based in the capital city of Cardiff. Having been established back in 1899, it’s one of the oldest football clubs around, though for its first nine years of existence it was known as Riverside A.F.C. The club’s nickname is ‘The Bluebirds’ which it got thanks to its blue and white kit that its players have been wearing since 1908. It competes in the English Football League Championship, which is the second highest tier of English professional league football. There’s a very devoted fanbase dedicated to the club throughout South Wales and beyond.

Cardiff City Fixtures

Cardiff City is currently competing in the 2019-20 EFL Championship. The club’s currently ranked 14th out of 24 teams competing, though there are still quite a few important matches up ahead. One in particular that fans will no doubt be looking forward to is the second match against rivals Bristol City. The first time the two played each other in the tournament, Bristol City won 1-0, so Cardiff City fans will be hoping for a better result the second time round. This match will take place on 4 April next year. There’s also the second match against rivals Swansea City, which is scheduled for 11 Jan. When the two teams played each other the first time, Swansea City won 1-0, so again Cardiff City fans will be hoping for a better result when the two teams play each other once more.

Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiff City Stadium

The club’s official home ground is Cardiff City Stadium. This is located in the western part of the city in the Leckwith area. The stadium has a maximum capacity of 33,280 and is the second largest stadium in Wales after the Millennium Stadium, which is also in Cardiff. Its original capacity was around 28,000; this was increased following an expansion to one of the stands. There are currently plans to extend two more stands to increase the stadium’s overall capacity even further. The stadium was opened in 2009 following around two years of construction and cost approximately £48 million. Cardiff City has used the stadium as its home ground since its opening, as has the Wales national football team.

Cardiff City Twitter

If you’re on social media and want to follow the official Cardiff City Twitter account, the page you’re looking for is @CardiffCityFC. To show your support for the team, use the following hashtags when making posts: #CardiffCity, #Bluebirds and #CityAsOne. The club’s official Twitter account has 329,000 followers and has made over 53,000 posts, of which around 12,000 contain video or photo content.

Over on Facebook, the page to like is Cardiff City Football Club Facebook. This has many more followers, with over half a million people liking the page. If you’re on Instagram, the page you’re after is cardiffcityfc. The club’s official social media accounts are worth following if you want direct access to all the latest news and updates. Posts are regularly made across all the accounts, so even if you just follow one you won’t be missing out on anything.

Cardiff City Forum

Following the social media channels is a good way of staying up to date with the club. However, if you want to discuss the club and anything related to it, you should consider signing up to one of the unofficial Cardiff City forums. There are a few of these and each one has loads of fans taking part in various discussions. As well as talking about the club itself, people on the forums talk about football-related topics and various things not related to football at all. Some of the main forums to check out include Cardiff City Football Forum, Cardiff City Mad and Cardiff City Forum. Creating an account takes very little time at all and only requires you to enter some basic details. Once your account’s properly set up, you’ll be able to post replies and even start new conversations. The forums have a lively and very active user base.

Cardiff City Tickets

If you wish to support the team and attend matches throughout the 2019-20 season, you ought to purchase a season ticket. To do so, simply phone the club’s ticket hotline on 033 33 11 1920; alternatively, you can purchase online if you have a Bluebirds Club account. If you’re purchasing season tickets online, bear in mind that there must be a separate Bluebirds Club account for every season ticket being bought.

The price of the season ticket varies greatly. The two factors determining the price are the age of the ticket holder and the area of the stadium they’re sitting in. There are four age categories and starting from least to most expensive, these are: Junior (under16), 16-21, Senior (60+) and Adult. The stadium is split into several seating areas. There are four main zones, as well as additional zones for families and those with accessibility needs. The family and accessibility season tickets are the cheapest.

Millwall is one of the longest running professional football league teams in England. Based in the Bermondsey area of South East London, the club dates back to 1885 and was so-called because it first played in the Millwall area on the Isle of Dogs. Even though the club hasn’t actually played there since 1910, it’s retained the name of Millwall and continues to use it to this day. For most of the club’s existence, it’s played in either the second or third tier of English professional league football. For the 2019-20 season, the club’s competing in the English Football League Championship and as of mid-November, it’s ranked 15th out of 24 teams taking part. The club has gained a rather negative reputation in the media and has been linked with things such as hooliganism in the past. Its main rival is West Ham United, while other rivals include Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace and Leeds United.

Millwall Fixtures

So far, Millwall has won five of its eight home matches and none of its eight away matches. Of the club’s upcoming fixtures, the two matches that are worth watching are the two against its rivals Charlton Athletic and Leeds United. Millwall’s already played the two rival teams and has won 2-1 against them both. It remains to be seen whether Millwall will be victorious again when it plays the two as the away team. The match against Charlton Athletic is scheduled for 4 April of next year, while the club will be taking on Leeds United on 15 January. Millwall hasn’t actually won an away match yet; if it wants to rise higher in the ranks, the club will have to improve its away performances.

Millwall Stadium

Millwall Football Club Stadium

The current home ground for Millwall is The Den. This stadium was formally opened in 1993 at a cost of £16 million and has been home to Millwall ever since. From 2015-19, it was also home to Millwall Lionesses L.F.C. The maximum capacity of the stadium is 20,146; its fibresand grass pitch has a measurement of 106 x 68 metres. This is the sixth stadium that Millwall has used as its home ground in its history. The stadium, however, has never actually been filled to capacity. The closest it came to being full was a match in the 2017-18 season, which was attended by 17,614 fans. The stadium was the first newly constructed, all-seating stadium to open following the publishing of the Taylor Report into the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, where 96 football fans were crushed to death and a further 766 sustained injuries. As such, it was designed to have much more effective crowd control and management systems in mind.

Millwall Twitter

If you’d like to follow Millwall on Twitter, the handle you’re looking for is @MillwallFC. The club’s official Twitter account has 115,000 followers and has so far made 50,000 tweets, of which around 13,000 contain photos or videos. You’re encouraged to use the hashtag #Millwall and the lion face emoji when talking about the club not only on Twitter, but on other social media platforms as well. The lion face emoji is encouraged because the main nickname used for the club is ‘The Lions’. If you want to like the club’s official Facebook page, the one you’re looking for is simply Millwall Football Club. As for Instagram, it’s millwallfcinsta. The club’s various social media channels are worth following if you want to keep up to date with all the latest goings-on and news. Posts are made fairly regularly across the club’s main channels.

Millwall Forum

While the club’s official social media can be a wealth of relevant information, many fans enjoy discussing the club on non-official platforms. One of the main club forums is North Stand Banter, where members can talk about practically anything to do with the club, as well as anything to do with football in general; there are also threads unrelated to football that can be joined. Another forum you may want to consider signing up to is Millwall Maniacs.

Millwall Tickets

For those looking to buy tickets to Millwall matches, the best place to go is the club’s official website. As of mid-November, season tickets for 2019-20 can’t be purchased through the website; instead, if you want to purchase one you have to do so in person or by emailing to request a callback or by calling 0844 826 2004. When it comes to determining the price of a ticket, the age of the ticket holder and the seating area are both taken into account. The club sorts spectators into the following categories: under 12, under 16, under 18, 18-21 (members only), senior (61+) and armed forces, and adult. The stadium’s split into seven different sections, each of which is split further into three sub-sections.

Nottingham Forest holds the distinction of being the world’s longest running professional football league club, having been founded in 1865. Nowadays, it’s a fairly successful club with a number of impressive wins under its belt. It’s spent a considerable number of seasons playing in the top two tiers of England’s football league system. However, it hasn’t made it to the first tier, the Premier League, since 1999. Sabri Lamouchi is the club’s head coach, while its manager is Nicholas Randall QC. The club has a lively fan base and is often referred to by its nicknames, which include ‘Tricky Trees’, ‘Reds’ and ‘The Forest’. The club’s main rival is widely considered to be Derby County.

Nottingham Forest Fixtures

So far in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship, Nottingham Forest has won four out of seven home matches and one out of eight away matches. As of mid-November, the club’s placed fifth among the 24 teams competing and has earned a qualification for the Championship play-offs. It’s already played its close rival Derby Country once – the end result was 1-0 to Nottingham Forest. Of the club’s upcoming fixtures the second match against Derby County is one to look out for given the ongoing rivalry between the two clubs. This match is set to take place on 4 April next year and will be held at Derby County’s home ground, Pride Park Stadium.

The club’s biggest win so far has been 3-0 against Birmingham City. It will be interesting to see whether the club can bring in another impressive win when it faces Birmingham City again on 1 Feb at the opponent’s home ground, St. Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium. Nottingham Forest has tied with four clubs so far: Blackburn Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Leeds United and Preston North End. Anticipation will no doubt be high to see if the club can beat any of these teams in its upcoming matches against them.

Nottingham Forest Stadium

Nottingham Forest Club Stadium

The official home stadium for Nottingham Forest is City Ground. The stadium’s located in the town of West Bridgford, which lies directly south of Nottingham, on the banks of the River Trent. It opened back in 1898 and has had Nottingham Forest as its only tenants ever since. The maximum capacity for the stadium is 30,445. The stadium Meadow Lane lies across the river just 300 yards away; the two are the closest professional football stadiums in all of England, and the second closest in the UK. The pitch measures 115 x 78 yards and is made of grass with undersoil heating. Plans are underway to perform general improvements on the stadium and its facilities, and to increase its capacity to 38,000 by replacing one of its stands with a larger one.

Nottingham Forest Twitter

As with any other major football club, Nottingham Forest is very active on social media. Its Twitter account is worth following if you’re keen to keep up with all the club’s latest news, developments and matches. Its official handle is @NFFC; the page has 328,000 followers and has tweeted approximately 36,000 times, with around a third of its tweets containing photos or videos. You can also find the club on Facebook at Nottingham Forest Facebook and Instagram at officialnffc. The club regularly posts content across all of its social media channels.

Nottingham Forest Forum

If you want to chat with other fans of the club and read some non-official content, you should join one of the several Nottingham Forest online forums. One of the main options is the LTLF Forest Forum, whose topics of conversation are split into two categories: Football Banter and Non-Football Banter. There’s also a sub-forum dedicated to the club over at Football Forum Central – Vital Football. Another option to consider is COYR Nottingham Forest Forum. A quick online search should help you find a number of other fan forums you may want to consider joining also. As well as the non-official forums, you may want to still check out the club’s social media channels.

Nottingham Forest Tickets

The best place to purchase tickets for Nottingham Forest matches is the club’s official website. When it comes to purchasing season cards, the price can vary greatly. There are two factors that affect the price: the age of the ticket holder and the seating area booked. City Ground is split into four main sections, with each one split further into four or five separately priced sub-sections. The cheapest season cards are for kids aged 4-11, then children aged 12-17, then youths aged 17-23, then seniors aged 75 and above, then seniors aged 65-74 and finally adults aged 24-64. Prices for an adult season card range from £390 to £585, depending on the particular seating area chosen.

AFC Wimbledon is one of many professional football clubs in England to be based in the city of London. It competes in English Football League One, which is the third tier of England’s professional football league system. Known as ‘The Dons’ or ‘The Wombles’, the club is managed by Glyn Hodges, with Joe Palmer its CEO. One of the distinctions the club holds is playing an impressive 78 league games in a row from 2003 to 2004 without a single defeat.

AFC Wimbledon Fixtures

The club has a fairly busy few months up ahead. It’s set to play around half a dozen or so matches every month from November through to May of next year as part of the English League One tournament. As of mid-November, the club currently ranks 20th out of the 23 clubs competing. It’s played a total of 16 matches so far, but has only won three; it’s best result was the 4-1 score against Southend United. Some of the club’s upcoming matches will be worth looking out for. There’s the second match against Southend United, for example, which is due to take place on 1 January 2020. AFC Wimbledon won its home matches against Portsmouth and Rochdale, so fans will no doubt be keen to see whether the club can win against these two again when it plays against them as the away team.

The Milton Keynes Dons is one of AFC Wimbledon’s main rivals. The clubs have already played each other, with MK Dons winning 2-1. The next match between the two rivals is scheduled for 18 April 2020 and will no doubt be hotly anticipated by both sides.

AFC Wimbledon Stadium

The official stadium for AFC Wimbledon is Kingsmeadow, which it’s shared with Chelsea Football Club Women since 2017. The stadium also goes by the name of Cherry Red Records Stadium, though only when it’s involved in sponsorship deals. It’s located in the Norbiton area of Kingston upon Thames, London, and has a maximum capacity of 4,850, with 2,265 seats and standing space for a further 2,585. It was constructed and opened in 1989; it has a grass-surface pitch that measures 110 x 75 yards.

From the stadium’s opening until 2017, it was the home field for Kingstonian. In 2017, the club moved to Leatherhead F.C.’s training ground, with the stadium becoming the new home of Chelsea Football Club Women instead. AFC Wimbledon has used Kingsmeadow as its base for home matches since 2002. However, there are plans for a brand new home stadium to be constructed on the site of the former Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium. Permission was granted in late 2017 and the 9,000-capacity stadium is expected to be ready in time for the 2020-21 football season.

AFC Wimbledon Twitter

As with other football clubs, AFC Wimbledon is indeed very active on social media. The club’s official accounts regularly post updates and relevant content, enabling fans to keep up with all the latest goings-on. If you’re looking to follow the club on Twitter, the account handle is @AFCWimbledon; to like the club on Facebook, the page you’re looking for is AFC Wimbledon Facebook . On Twitter, there are just over 66,000 followers, while 77,000 people currently like the club’s official Facebook page. For the Instagram account, which has over 25,000 followers, it’s afc_wimbledon you’re looking for.

If you’re after lots of club-related content, following the club on Twitter is probably your best bet. So far, there have been over 45,000 Tweets sent out by the account, with more than 16,000 of these containing photos or videos. You’re encouraged to follow the Dons and use the hashtag #AFCW to show your support for the club when posting your own Tweets.

AFC Wimbledon Forum

There are several unofficial websites dedicated to the club. The Womble Underground Press is a guestbook with its own printed ‘fanzine’ (an unofficial publication produced specially by fans for fellow fans to enjoy). There’s also Dons Trust, the audio fanzine 9YrsPodcast and SW19’s Army. None of these sites, however, seems to have anything like a standard modern forum where fans are able to freely chat about the club and football in general. If you want to chat about the club online, your best option might be to stick with the club’s Facebook page and comment on posts.

AFC Wimbledon Tickets

If you’re keen to purchase tickets for AFC Wimbledon matches, the best place to do so is the club’s official website. For season tickets, you can purchase them online or print out an application form and send it off to the address listed on the website. The base price for an adult season ticket in standard seats is £385, while for premium seats it’s £475. There are separate prices for those under 18, those aged between 18 and 20 and those over 65 or full-time students over 21. There are two other seating areas, Chemflow End and RyGas Stand, are both cheaper alternatives to the standard seats.

Wolverhampton Wanderers is a well established English professional football league team. It’s based in the West Midlands city of Wolverhampton and is commonly referred to as ‘Wolves’. It was formally set up way back in 1877 and was one of the co-founding teams of the English Football League in 1888. Of the 121 seasons of professional league football the club’s played, an impressive 115 of these have been within the very top two tiers. The club also has the third highest number of total league goals scored at 7,780, with only Manchester United and Liverpool having racked up more goals. For the 2018-19 Premier League, the club ended up in 7th position overall.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Fixtures

Wolverhampton Wanderers is currently competing in the 2019-20 UEFA Europa League. The club’s made it to the group stage of the tournament and is playing in Group K. So far, it’s taken on fellow Group K teams Braga from Portugal and Slovan Bratislava from Slovakia; it’s next match is against the Turkish team Beşiktaş, which is taking place on 28 November. The club’s placed second out of four and there’s no way for the teams ranking beneath it to overtake it. Since it’s come at least second, it’s qualified for the knockout phase of the tournament.

The club’s also taking part in the Premier League and is currently ranked 8th out of 24 teams. It’s won two out of six home matches and one out of six away matches. One of the club’s main rivals is Aston Villa. It’s played against its rival once in the tournament so far and won 2-1 playing at home. The match with Wolverhampton Wanderers as the away team is due to happen on 4 April next year. Fans will be very keen indeed for the club to defeat its long-standing rival in this match. However, Aston Villa is currently ranked 17th, way beneath Wolverhampton Wanderers, so there’s every chance the Wolves will still fare better in the tournament regardless of the outcome of this one match.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Stadium

Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolves Stadium

The home ground for Wolverhampton Wanderers is Molineux Stadium and has been since 1889. Constructed specifically for the club, the stadium was one of the first in the UK to install floodlights. It has a current capacity of 32,050, though there are long-terms plans in place to increase the capacity to as much as 50,000. Various expansion plans have been subject to delays and cancellations owing to spiralling construction costs. The stadium’s pitch measures 100 x 64 metres and is made of GrassMaster, a substance that combines artificial fibres with natural grass. In the early 1990s, following the release of the Taylor Report on the Hillsborough disaster, the stadium was extensively refurbished to become an all-seater stadium. No football club other than Wolverhampton Wanderers has ever used the stadium as its home ground.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Twitter

Wolverhampton Wanderers has a large social media presence and is constantly looking to increase it. The club’s official Twitter handle is @Wolves; the Twitter page has just over half a million followers and has posted close to 100,000 tweets. Around a seventh of the club’s Tweets contain photos or videos. While the club’s active on Twitter, it also posts regularly to its Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you want to like the club’s official Facebook page, the one to look for is Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. If you’re on Instagram and want to follow the club for its latest photos and videos, its page is simply wolves. Its Facebook page is its most popular social media channel, with more than 1.1 million people liking it.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Forum

The club’s official social media pages offer fans a steady stream of relevant content. However, many fans also enjoy getting content and taking part in discussions on unofficial platforms. There are several online forums dedicated to the club and its fans. One of the most prominent of these is Wolves Forum; there’s also Molineux Mix and The Wolf. Signing up to any unofficial Wolverhampton Wolves forum is a great way to socialise with fellow fans, meet new people and chat not only about the club and football, but also all sorts of other topics.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Tickets

If you want to purchase season tickets, visit the club’s official website. Bear in mind, however, that demand for season tickets has been unprecedented. As such, the club has decided to enact a waiting list. This is currently open to everyone, though when it first launched it was only open to members with a high number of loyalty points; it then gradually opened up to more members over a few months. There are currently 7,000 people signed up to the season ticket waiting list. At the time of writing, the official website doesn’t have any season ticket prices listed.

QPR, or Queens Park Rangers Football Club, is a well established English football club based in the northwest London area of White City. It competes in the English Football League Championship, which is England’s second-highest division of English league football, after the Premier League. This division is often referred to as the Sky Bet Championship for sponsorship purposes. As of mid-November, Queens Park Rangers ranks 10th out of the 24 clubs competing. So far, the club’s won three of its nine home matches and four of its away matches. Forward Nahki Wells has landed the distinction of becoming one of the league’s joint top five goal scorers, with eight goals to his name. The club’s name is commonly abbreviated to ‘QPR’; its nicknames include ‘The Superhoops’, ‘The Rs’ and ‘Rangers’.

QPR Fixtures

Queens Park Rangers is doing quite well in the English Football League Championship, though there are still quite a few important matches to be played. One of the most eagerly anticipated matches is the one against Fulham, which is scheduled for 22 November and will have Fulham as the home team. The reason this particular match is one to watch is because Fulham is one of the club’s biggest rivals. The two will face each other again on 21 March next year. Another key rival is Brentford, which Queens Park Rangers will face for a second time on 11 January. The two have already played at Queens Park Rangers’ home stadium, with Brentford winning 3-1.

QPR Stadium

Queens Park Rangers QPR Stadium

The home ground for Queens Park Rangers is Loftus Road, a grass-pitch stadium that was constructed back in 1904. Located in Shepherd’s Bush, it’s an all-seating stadium with a maximum capacity of 18,439 and measurements of 112 by 72 yards. In June, the stadium’s naming rights were formally handed over to the Kiyan Prince Foundation, a charity set up in honour of the Queens Park Rangers youth player Kiyan Prince, who was fatally stabbed at just 15 years old in 2006. Following on from this, the stadium is commonly known as the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium.

Queens Park Rangers started using this stadium as its home ground in 1963. Prior to this, the club used no fewer than 15 different venues throughout London as its base. There have been plans to construct a new stadium, tentatively called New Queens Park, with a bigger capacity, however nothing has come to fruition as of yet. It’s also been proposed that instead of constructing an entirely new stadium, the existing Loftus Road stadium could be expanded to cope with the increasing demand for watching the club’s matches.

QPR Twitter

The Twitter handle for the Queens Park Rangers official Twitter account is @QPR. The account has  427,000 followers and is fairly active, with close to 100,000 tweets posted, of which just less than a third contain photos or videos. There are two other official Twitter accounts worth following: Queens Park Rangers Football Club Women, for which the handle is @QPRWFC; and Queens Park Rangers in the Community, which you can follow using the handle @QPRtrust.The club’s also very active on Facebook (QPR FC) and Instagram (officialqpr). Follow the club across its various social media pages for all the latest updates, news and fixtures. There’s a wealth of content to scroll through, with new updates posted very regularly.

QPR Forum

To keep up with all the latest fan discussion about the club, join the WeAreTheRangersBoys online forum. The site not only has an active discussion forum, but also regular blog posts and articles about pretty much anything to do with the club and football in general. There are currently several thousand members. There’s another active online forum over at Loft For Words, as well as a sub-forum dedicated to the club at Not606. These forums offer the chance to interact with other fans of the club and find out what all the latest updates are. Many fans enjoy visiting unofficial forums and reading the content posted there just as much as they enjoy visiting the club’s official site and social pages.

QPR Tickets

If you want to purchase tickets to watch Queens Park Rangers matches, the best place to do so is the club’s official website. For season tickets, there are five price brackets; from least to most expensive, these are Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Adults aged 24 and above pay the most, while under-18s pay the least. Concessions are in place for young adults aged 18-23, senior citizens over the age of 60 and those who are disabled but still capable of walking. Those under the age of 8 can attend matches for free, so long as they’re accompanied by an adult who has a fully paid ticket of their own. The price of a Bronze season ticket for an adult is £480.