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Blackburn Rovers F.C. is a professional football team based in the city of Blackburn. It’s one of many teams to compete in the English Football League Championship, which is the second highest ranking of English league football. In fact, Blackburn Rovers F.C. was one of the twelve founding clubs that helped set up the English football league system; it also helped established the Premier League in 1992. The club’s been around since 1875 and is one of the longest-running English professional football clubs. Nowadays, it has several nicknames, including ‘Rovers’, ‘The Blue and Whites’ (because of its blue and white kit) and ‘The Riversiders’ (because of the riverside location of its home stadium). Three times in its history, the club has won the top tournament: it won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season and won the league’s predecessor, the First Division, back in the 1911-12 and 1913-14 seasons. It’s also won the FA Cup six times.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Fixtures

Right now, Blackburn Rovers F.C. is taking part in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship. The club currently ranks 18th out of 24 clubs with, coincidentally, a total of 18 points earned so far. Of the 16 matches the club’s played, it’s won just five, lost eight and had three ties. None of the club’s rivals, including Manchester City and Manchester United, are taking part in the tournament. There are, however, some matches that are still worth looking out for. These include the next match against Reading – both teams have the same number of points – which is scheduled for 25 April, and the matches against West Bromwich Albion and Preston North End. These two teams are currently ranked in the top two and face promotion to the Premier League if they can hold onto their positions.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Stadium

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Ewood Park is the official home ground for Blackburn Rovers F.C. It’s been the club’s home ground since 1890, eight years after it opened. Before playing here, Blackburn Rovers F.C. played at Leamington Road, which closed down in 1890 and was then redeveloped into a housing estate. The stadium was designed to be an all-seater venue capable of hosting not only football, but also other sports; in fact, it’s played host to a number of major rugby matches. Throughout the stadium’s history, it’s undergone a few expansions and now has a maximum seating capacity of 31,367. The most recent one was completed in 1995 and was intended to make the stadium one of the most advanced and modern in the whole country.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Twitter

Of course, Blackburn Rovers F.C. is active on social media just like any other major football club. If you want to keep up with all the club’s latest Tweets, follow the club’s official Twitter account @Rovers. This page has 231,000 followers and has been active since 2009. There’s also the official Facebook page, which has slightly more followers at 277,000 likes. If it’s photo and video content you’re after, the club’s Instagram page, rovers, is worth following. You’re encouraged to use the hashtag #Rovers when making posts featuring images to do with the club. Follow any one of the club’s official social media accounts if you don’t want to miss out on all the latest news and goings-on.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Forum

For many players, simply keeping up with the latest club updates isn’t enough; they want to talk about the club as well. Online forums are the place to be if you want to discuss all the latest goings-on, news and updates with fellow supporters of Blackburn Rovers F.C. One of the biggest and most popular ones to check out is BRFCS, which was set up in 1996 and is specially developed by the fans, for the fans. Other forums you may want to consider include Rovers Fans and Rovers Talk. These forums are a great place not only to talk about the club as much as you like, but also meet fellow supporters.

Blackburn Rovers F.C. Tickets

If you fancy supporting Blackburn Rovers F.C. and attending lots of matches, you should consider purchasing a season ticket. Head on over to the club’s official website and you’ll be able to get your season ticket purchased. The price is determined by which seating section you pick and which age category you belong to. There are six different sections to the stadium, as well as five age categories: under-12, under-18, 18-25, adult and senior. Prices for an adult season ticket range from £319 to £449. For those wishing to spread out the cost of their purchase, there are eight- and ten-month direct debit plans available.

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