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Cardiff City is a long-running Welsh professional football club based in the capital city of Cardiff. Having been established back in 1899, it’s one of the oldest football clubs around, though for its first nine years of existence it was known as Riverside A.F.C. The club’s nickname is ‘The Bluebirds’ which it got thanks to its blue and white kit that its players have been wearing since 1908. It competes in the English Football League Championship, which is the second highest tier of English professional league football. There’s a very devoted fanbase dedicated to the club throughout South Wales and beyond.

Cardiff City Fixtures

Cardiff City is currently competing in the 2019-20 EFL Championship. The club’s currently ranked 14th out of 24 teams competing, though there are still quite a few important matches up ahead. One in particular that fans will no doubt be looking forward to is the second match against rivals Bristol City. The first time the two played each other in the tournament, Bristol City won 1-0, so Cardiff City fans will be hoping for a better result the second time round. This match will take place on 4 April next year. There’s also the second match against rivals Swansea City, which is scheduled for 11 Jan. When the two teams played each other the first time, Swansea City won 1-0, so again Cardiff City fans will be hoping for a better result when the two teams play each other once more.

Cardiff City Stadium

Cardiff City Stadium

The club’s official home ground is Cardiff City Stadium. This is located in the western part of the city in the Leckwith area. The stadium has a maximum capacity of 33,280 and is the second largest stadium in Wales after the Millennium Stadium, which is also in Cardiff. Its original capacity was around 28,000; this was increased following an expansion to one of the stands. There are currently plans to extend two more stands to increase the stadium’s overall capacity even further. The stadium was opened in 2009 following around two years of construction and cost approximately £48 million. Cardiff City has used the stadium as its home ground since its opening, as has the Wales national football team.

Cardiff City Twitter

If you’re on social media and want to follow the official Cardiff City Twitter account, the page you’re looking for is @CardiffCityFC. To show your support for the team, use the following hashtags when making posts: #CardiffCity, #Bluebirds and #CityAsOne. The club’s official Twitter account has 329,000 followers and has made over 53,000 posts, of which around 12,000 contain video or photo content.

Over on Facebook, the page to like is Cardiff City Football Club Facebook. This has many more followers, with over half a million people liking the page. If you’re on Instagram, the page you’re after is cardiffcityfc. The club’s official social media accounts are worth following if you want direct access to all the latest news and updates. Posts are regularly made across all the accounts, so even if you just follow one you won’t be missing out on anything.

Cardiff City Forum

Following the social media channels is a good way of staying up to date with the club. However, if you want to discuss the club and anything related to it, you should consider signing up to one of the unofficial Cardiff City forums. There are a few of these and each one has loads of fans taking part in various discussions. As well as talking about the club itself, people on the forums talk about football-related topics and various things not related to football at all. Some of the main forums to check out include Cardiff City Football Forum, Cardiff City Mad and Cardiff City Forum. Creating an account takes very little time at all and only requires you to enter some basic details. Once your account’s properly set up, you’ll be able to post replies and even start new conversations. The forums have a lively and very active user base.

Cardiff City Tickets

If you wish to support the team and attend matches throughout the 2019-20 season, you ought to purchase a season ticket. To do so, simply phone the club’s ticket hotline on 033 33 11 1920; alternatively, you can purchase online if you have a Bluebirds Club account. If you’re purchasing season tickets online, bear in mind that there must be a separate Bluebirds Club account for every season ticket being bought.

The price of the season ticket varies greatly. The two factors determining the price are the age of the ticket holder and the area of the stadium they’re sitting in. There are four age categories and starting from least to most expensive, these are: Junior (under16), 16-21, Senior (60+) and Adult. The stadium is split into several seating areas. There are four main zones, as well as additional zones for families and those with accessibility needs. The family and accessibility season tickets are the cheapest.

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