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Millwall is one of the longest running professional football league teams in England. Based in the Bermondsey area of South East London, the club dates back to 1885 and was so-called because it first played in the Millwall area on the Isle of Dogs. Even though the club hasn’t actually played there since 1910, it’s retained the name of Millwall and continues to use it to this day. For most of the club’s existence, it’s played in either the second or third tier of English professional league football. For the 2019-20 season, the club’s competing in the English Football League Championship and as of mid-November, it’s ranked 15th out of 24 teams taking part. The club has gained a rather negative reputation in the media and has been linked with things such as hooliganism in the past. Its main rival is West Ham United, while other rivals include Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace and Leeds United.

Millwall Fixtures

So far, Millwall has won five of its eight home matches and none of its eight away matches. Of the club’s upcoming fixtures, the two matches that are worth watching are the two against its rivals Charlton Athletic and Leeds United. Millwall’s already played the two rival teams and has won 2-1 against them both. It remains to be seen whether Millwall will be victorious again when it plays the two as the away team. The match against Charlton Athletic is scheduled for 4 April of next year, while the club will be taking on Leeds United on 15 January. Millwall hasn’t actually won an away match yet; if it wants to rise higher in the ranks, the club will have to improve its away performances.

Millwall Stadium

Millwall Football Club Stadium

The current home ground for Millwall is The Den. This stadium was formally opened in 1993 at a cost of £16 million and has been home to Millwall ever since. From 2015-19, it was also home to Millwall Lionesses L.F.C. The maximum capacity of the stadium is 20,146; its fibresand grass pitch has a measurement of 106 x 68 metres. This is the sixth stadium that Millwall has used as its home ground in its history. The stadium, however, has never actually been filled to capacity. The closest it came to being full was a match in the 2017-18 season, which was attended by 17,614 fans. The stadium was the first newly constructed, all-seating stadium to open following the publishing of the Taylor Report into the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, where 96 football fans were crushed to death and a further 766 sustained injuries. As such, it was designed to have much more effective crowd control and management systems in mind.

Millwall Twitter

If you’d like to follow Millwall on Twitter, the handle you’re looking for is @MillwallFC. The club’s official Twitter account has 115,000 followers and has so far made 50,000 tweets, of which around 13,000 contain photos or videos. You’re encouraged to use the hashtag #Millwall and the lion face emoji when talking about the club not only on Twitter, but on other social media platforms as well. The lion face emoji is encouraged because the main nickname used for the club is ‘The Lions’. If you want to like the club’s official Facebook page, the one you’re looking for is simply Millwall Football Club. As for Instagram, it’s millwallfcinsta. The club’s various social media channels are worth following if you want to keep up to date with all the latest goings-on and news. Posts are made fairly regularly across the club’s main channels.

Millwall Forum

While the club’s official social media can be a wealth of relevant information, many fans enjoy discussing the club on non-official platforms. One of the main club forums is North Stand Banter, where members can talk about practically anything to do with the club, as well as anything to do with football in general; there are also threads unrelated to football that can be joined. Another forum you may want to consider signing up to is Millwall Maniacs.

Millwall Tickets

For those looking to buy tickets to Millwall matches, the best place to go is the club’s official website. As of mid-November, season tickets for 2019-20 can’t be purchased through the website; instead, if you want to purchase one you have to do so in person or by emailing to request a callback or by calling 0844 826 2004. When it comes to determining the price of a ticket, the age of the ticket holder and the seating area are both taken into account. The club sorts spectators into the following categories: under 12, under 16, under 18, 18-21 (members only), senior (61+) and armed forces, and adult. The stadium’s split into seven different sections, each of which is split further into three sub-sections.

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