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Nottingham Forest holds the distinction of being the world’s longest running professional football league club, having been founded in 1865. Nowadays, it’s a fairly successful club with a number of impressive wins under its belt. It’s spent a considerable number of seasons playing in the top two tiers of England’s football league system. However, it hasn’t made it to the first tier, the Premier League, since 1999. Sabri Lamouchi is the club’s head coach, while its manager is Nicholas Randall QC. The club has a lively fan base and is often referred to by its nicknames, which include ‘Tricky Trees’, ‘Reds’ and ‘The Forest’. The club’s main rival is widely considered to be Derby County.

Nottingham Forest Fixtures

So far in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship, Nottingham Forest has won four out of seven home matches and one out of eight away matches. As of mid-November, the club’s placed fifth among the 24 teams competing and has earned a qualification for the Championship play-offs. It’s already played its close rival Derby Country once – the end result was 1-0 to Nottingham Forest. Of the club’s upcoming fixtures the second match against Derby County is one to look out for given the ongoing rivalry between the two clubs. This match is set to take place on 4 April next year and will be held at Derby County’s home ground, Pride Park Stadium.

The club’s biggest win so far has been 3-0 against Birmingham City. It will be interesting to see whether the club can bring in another impressive win when it faces Birmingham City again on 1 Feb at the opponent’s home ground, St. Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium. Nottingham Forest has tied with four clubs so far: Blackburn Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Leeds United and Preston North End. Anticipation will no doubt be high to see if the club can beat any of these teams in its upcoming matches against them.

Nottingham Forest Stadium

Nottingham Forest Club Stadium

The official home stadium for Nottingham Forest is City Ground. The stadium’s located in the town of West Bridgford, which lies directly south of Nottingham, on the banks of the River Trent. It opened back in 1898 and has had Nottingham Forest as its only tenants ever since. The maximum capacity for the stadium is 30,445. The stadium Meadow Lane lies across the river just 300 yards away; the two are the closest professional football stadiums in all of England, and the second closest in the UK. The pitch measures 115 x 78 yards and is made of grass with undersoil heating. Plans are underway to perform general improvements on the stadium and its facilities, and to increase its capacity to 38,000 by replacing one of its stands with a larger one.

Nottingham Forest Twitter

As with any other major football club, Nottingham Forest is very active on social media. Its Twitter account is worth following if you’re keen to keep up with all the club’s latest news, developments and matches. Its official handle is @NFFC; the page has 328,000 followers and has tweeted approximately 36,000 times, with around a third of its tweets containing photos or videos. You can also find the club on Facebook at Nottingham Forest Facebook and Instagram at officialnffc. The club regularly posts content across all of its social media channels.

Nottingham Forest Forum

If you want to chat with other fans of the club and read some non-official content, you should join one of the several Nottingham Forest online forums. One of the main options is the LTLF Forest Forum, whose topics of conversation are split into two categories: Football Banter and Non-Football Banter. There’s also a sub-forum dedicated to the club over at Football Forum Central – Vital Football. Another option to consider is COYR Nottingham Forest Forum. A quick online search should help you find a number of other fan forums you may want to consider joining also. As well as the non-official forums, you may want to still check out the club’s social media channels.

Nottingham Forest Tickets

The best place to purchase tickets for Nottingham Forest matches is the club’s official website. When it comes to purchasing season cards, the price can vary greatly. There are two factors that affect the price: the age of the ticket holder and the seating area booked. City Ground is split into four main sections, with each one split further into four or five separately priced sub-sections. The cheapest season cards are for kids aged 4-11, then children aged 12-17, then youths aged 17-23, then seniors aged 75 and above, then seniors aged 65-74 and finally adults aged 24-64. Prices for an adult season card range from £390 to £585, depending on the particular seating area chosen.

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