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Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest football clubs in England. In fact, it’s the third oldest professional association football club in the country. It was officially formed in 1867 and was known as ‘Wednesday Football Club’ until it started going by its current name in 1927. The reason the club is so-called is because it was an extension of Wednesday Cricket Club, which in turn was so-called because the founding members of the club would have Wednesdays off from work. Sheffield Wednesday joined the Football League in 1892 three years after it had been formed. The club was also one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992. It’s won the FA Cup three times and the First Division a total of four times.

Sheffield Wednesday Fixtures

Sheffield Wednesday is currently taking part in the 2019-20 English Football League Championship. Of the 24 teams in the tournament, it’s ranked eighth, having won seven out of sixteen matches. The club’s main rival is Sheffield United, however the two teams aren’t competing in the same league right now, so they won’t be facing each other for a while. However, there are still plenty of matches supporters will no doubt want to watch, especially since the club stands a chance of ranking higher and qualifying for the Championship play-offs. There are several clubs ranking higher than Sheffield Wednesday that it will no doubt want to beat. Matches to look forward to include the one against Nottingham Forest on 14 December, the one against Bristol City on 22 December and the match against Fulham on 25 April of next year.

Sheffield Wednesday Stadium

The home ground for Sheffield Wednesday is Hillsborough Stadium, located in the Sheffield suburb of Owlerton. This is where the club gets its nickname ‘The Owls’ from. It opened back in 1899 and has been the home ground for the club since its opening. Back in 1989, the stadium was the scene of a tragedy known as the Hillsborough disaster. This was the single worst disaster in the history of football: owing to overcrowding and the design and layout of the stadium grounds, a total of 96 fans of Liverpool died following an unprecedented stampede. This resulted in the stadium, as well as others throughout the country, undergoing a number of stringent safety enhancements. The stadium today meets all the relevant safety requirements though its maximum capacity of 39,732 has been temporarily reduced to 34,854 for safety reasons.

Sheffield Wednesday Stadium

Sheffield Wednesday Twitter

The club is active on a number of different social media networks. The club’s official Twitter account is @swfc – if you decided to follow this page, you’ll be one of the club’s 297,000 followers. Since joining in May 2007, the club has sent out over 51,000 tweets and about a fifth of these contain photos or videos. When talking about the club on Twitter, or any other social media network, you’re encouraged to use the hashtag #swfc. There’s also the club’s official Facebook page, which has slightly more followers at 373,000 likes, and the Instagram page, which has 67,000 followers. If you want to keep up with everything that’s going on with the club, you should follow at least one of these accounts. All of the accounts send out new posts regularly, so you’re never out of the loop.

Sheffield Wednesday Forum

As well as following the club’s social media accounts, you might want to sign up to an unofficial forum. The benefit of forums is that you can talk about pretty much anything to do with the club with fellow supporters; you can also chat about other football clubs and anything else to do with the sport, or just about anything not to do with football. If you’ve decided to join a forum, OwlsTalk is one of the most popular; there’s also OwlsOnline and the Owls-Mad forum at Footy Mad. Not only can you chat about various things, you can also meet other supporters of the club and interact with them.

Sheffield Wednesday Tickets

If you’re a supporter of the club and want to watch some matches, purchasing a season ticket is the way to go. You can do this through the club’s official website. As usual, the price of your season ticket depends on what age category you fall into and where in the stadium you’re siting. The full pricing options aren’t currently listed on the website as of the time of writing. However, it is stated that the cheapest adult season tickets start at a cost of £23.04 per match. Not only can you purchase season tickets online, there’s also the option to purchase them at the stadium’s ticket office or by calling 03700 201867.

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