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Wolverhampton Wanderers is a well established English professional football league team. It’s based in the West Midlands city of Wolverhampton and is commonly referred to as ‘Wolves’. It was formally set up way back in 1877 and was one of the co-founding teams of the English Football League in 1888. Of the 121 seasons of professional league football the club’s played, an impressive 115 of these have been within the very top two tiers. The club also has the third highest number of total league goals scored at 7,780, with only Manchester United and Liverpool having racked up more goals. For the 2018-19 Premier League, the club ended up in 7th position overall.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Fixtures

Wolverhampton Wanderers is currently competing in the 2019-20 UEFA Europa League. The club’s made it to the group stage of the tournament and is playing in Group K. So far, it’s taken on fellow Group K teams Braga from Portugal and Slovan Bratislava from Slovakia; it’s next match is against the Turkish team Beşiktaş, which is taking place on 28 November. The club’s placed second out of four and there’s no way for the teams ranking beneath it to overtake it. Since it’s come at least second, it’s qualified for the knockout phase of the tournament.

The club’s also taking part in the Premier League and is currently ranked 8th out of 24 teams. It’s won two out of six home matches and one out of six away matches. One of the club’s main rivals is Aston Villa. It’s played against its rival once in the tournament so far and won 2-1 playing at home. The match with Wolverhampton Wanderers as the away team is due to happen on 4 April next year. Fans will be very keen indeed for the club to defeat its long-standing rival in this match. However, Aston Villa is currently ranked 17th, way beneath Wolverhampton Wanderers, so there’s every chance the Wolves will still fare better in the tournament regardless of the outcome of this one match.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Stadium

Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolves Stadium

The home ground for Wolverhampton Wanderers is Molineux Stadium and has been since 1889. Constructed specifically for the club, the stadium was one of the first in the UK to install floodlights. It has a current capacity of 32,050, though there are long-terms plans in place to increase the capacity to as much as 50,000. Various expansion plans have been subject to delays and cancellations owing to spiralling construction costs. The stadium’s pitch measures 100 x 64 metres and is made of GrassMaster, a substance that combines artificial fibres with natural grass. In the early 1990s, following the release of the Taylor Report on the Hillsborough disaster, the stadium was extensively refurbished to become an all-seater stadium. No football club other than Wolverhampton Wanderers has ever used the stadium as its home ground.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Twitter

Wolverhampton Wanderers has a large social media presence and is constantly looking to increase it. The club’s official Twitter handle is @Wolves; the Twitter page has just over half a million followers and has posted close to 100,000 tweets. Around a seventh of the club’s Tweets contain photos or videos. While the club’s active on Twitter, it also posts regularly to its Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you want to like the club’s official Facebook page, the one to look for is Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. If you’re on Instagram and want to follow the club for its latest photos and videos, its page is simply wolves. Its Facebook page is its most popular social media channel, with more than 1.1 million people liking it.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Forum

The club’s official social media pages offer fans a steady stream of relevant content. However, many fans also enjoy getting content and taking part in discussions on unofficial platforms. There are several online forums dedicated to the club and its fans. One of the most prominent of these is Wolves Forum; there’s also Molineux Mix and The Wolf. Signing up to any unofficial Wolverhampton Wolves forum is a great way to socialise with fellow fans, meet new people and chat not only about the club and football, but also all sorts of other topics.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Tickets

If you want to purchase season tickets, visit the club’s official website. Bear in mind, however, that demand for season tickets has been unprecedented. As such, the club has decided to enact a waiting list. This is currently open to everyone, though when it first launched it was only open to members with a high number of loyalty points; it then gradually opened up to more members over a few months. There are currently 7,000 people signed up to the season ticket waiting list. At the time of writing, the official website doesn’t have any season ticket prices listed.

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